AVerMedia AVerTV Hybrid FM PCI & PCCCAR

Danny Pansters danny at ricin.com
Fri Mar 16 01:52:15 UTC 2007

On Friday 16 March 2007 00:08:58 Konstantin Dimitrov wrote:
> there is a working driver for Philips SAA713x based tv cards here:
> http://download.purpe.com/files/saa-REL_14.tgz
> but it doesn't support Xceive XC3018 Silicon Tuner used on AverTV
> Hybrid+FM Cardbus.
> so, at least as a first step XC3018 support should be added to the

The saa driver itself doesn't really have any tuner support (except for low, 
mid, high frequency range selection). The actual tuning happens in user space 
through the iic device. There's an implementation in the saa support code, 
but it doesn't work well for me (Philips MK3 tuner). You may want to use kbtv 
with SAA to experiment because it's easy to change the tuner type (with port 
options). It has it's own tuning code (I'm its author).

Perhaps it already works with a freqrange for one of the other supported tuner 
APIs, otherwise you'd have to find out what low-mid-hi values (hex numbers) 
are to be used for selection. As for tuning, well, the same applies 
basically. It may work as-is, or it may have its own init/tda funkiness to be 
dealt with in which case you need a datasheet or a readable driver to find 
out which control bytes to set and to what values.

I think chances are that this tuner is actually a phillips, or temic or LG, .. 
that is, one that may already be supported. There really aren't many vendors 
who produce their own tuners. I guess they just buy them in bulk and solder 
them on their board usually.

> SAA713x driver. also, probably there is no XC3018 public datasheet
> available, but the Linux code for XC3018 should be of help.

Haven't seen it, but yes, it may.

> On 3/15/07, Da Rock <rock_on_the_web at hotmail.com> wrote:
> > Ok guys, I know I might be pretty new to this but I think we need to get
> > this card worked out here. I have a laptop that I want to put BSD on, but
> > I have a TV tuner which is incompatible. I also know that I'm not the
> > only one who can't get this card to work. And so far all we've gotten
> > from the manufacturer is a brush off.
> >
> > This card works well, just not under windows... and I know that it will
> > be exceptional under BSD once it can be added.
> >
> > We now know that this tuner uses a Xcieve chipset along with a Philips
> > SAA chip.
> >
> > Now I have to admit that I haven't done much driver creation, but I would
> > like to get out there and help move this along a bit and make this
> > happen. What do we need to do? What more info do we need to make a
> > working driver?
> >
> > Now I may be on the wrong track, but there is a linux driver which works
> > ok. I tried it on FC4, but I haven't been successful in upgrading to FC5
> > so far. Can we use this driver and do some RE to make one for BSD?



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