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Greg 'groggy' Lehey wrote:

>> Well, I have no idea about the FreeBSD end of things, but I do have a
>> good lircd.conf for my satellite box. Others have gotten it to work,
>> I've confirmed this. The only thing I'm not sure of is the extent of the
>> FreeBSD support and how FBSD factors into this mix?
> As I said, relatively few remote controls are supported.  That
> probably won't change until individuals adapt the code for their
> specific remote control, like Daniel did for his and like I did for my
> remote control.  The code is really ugly, but not too difficult to
> understand.

Ahhh... so getting a remote to work involves remote-specific OS support
beyond just grabbing a good lirc.conf? I thought that lirc was simply a
protocol, and would speak to any IR receiver using the frequencies and
configuration included within its config file?

>>> Are you sure you need a /dev/lirc0?  I'm running lircd with a DVICO
>>> USB remote control on one of my machines, and there's no /dev/lirc0
>>> there.  If you do need it, you'll probably have to port the kernel
>>> modules.  What kind of interface does it have?
>> I tried using /dev/ttyd0 since it just plugs into a serial port (I
>> bought one of of I can do a:
>> # lircd -n --device=/dev/ttyd0 /usr/local/etc/lircd.conf
>> lircd: lircd(dvico) ready
>> Does this confirm anything of value?
> I'm a little confused about the (dvico) there.  The DVICO driver
> integration is my work, and it's a USB-connected device.  Are you sure
> that your lircd.conf is correct?

Would you like to see my lircd.conf? I'm fairly certain it is correct,
but I'd be more than happy to pass it on for your inspection.

Unfortunately, I guess I can't really change the remote I'm trying to
emulate, right?

> Yes, please.  Remember, though, that it's currently very flaky, and
> I'll fix a lot the next time I have time to look at it.  What I'd
> really like to know is where other people ran into trouble, and how
> they fixed it.

I'll add my commentary once I've completed my setup here. I think I'm
going to kill off my MediaMVP deal and sell it on eBay, and just use the
OS X frontend for scheduling recordings. The only missing piece is being
able to change channels so that I don't have to remember to preset my
satellite to the correct channel prior to a recording.

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