LIRC guide for FreeBSD

Anton Stamenov anton.stamenov at
Wed Mar 14 09:57:02 UTC 2007

for freebsd the lirc socket is not in /dev/ but in /var/lirc/lircd,
and almost all port software knows where to find it.

I've managed to set it up with my pinnacle serial remote, but I had
to patch the lirc port's Makefile in orther to include support for this
remote. I don't know if your hardware is supported... 

On Wed, 14 Mar 2007, Greg 'groggy' Lehey wrote:
> On Tuesday, 13 March 2007 at 23:56:23 -0400, Joe Auty wrote:
> > Does anybody know of a good resource for setting up my IR Blaster
> > within FreeBSD?
> Not I.  Are you sure it's supported?  Currently very few remote
> controls are.
> > I think I have a good lircd.conf with information about my remote,
> > but I'm sure I'm missing some information about how to get the
> > kernel modules I'll need to generate my /dev/lirc0.
> Are you sure you need a /dev/lirc0?  I'm running lircd with a DVICO
> USB remote control on one of my machines, and there's no /dev/lirc0
> there.  If you do need it, you'll probably have to port the kernel
> modules.  What kind of interface does it have?
> > Perhaps this might be a better question for a different FreeBSD
> > list?  Just thinking about you guys since many seem to know the
> > score in getting MythTV setups to work...
> The list is probably right.  And I'm making progress with my
> "installing MythTV on FreeBSD" documentation at
> This is
> still pretty rough about the edges; I'll work on it when I'm sure I
> know what I'm doing.
> Greg
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