help with the TCL MFNM05-E tuner - either good dochunters or english/chinese bilinguals needed

Jim Stapleton stapleton.41 at
Wed Mar 7 14:51:51 UTC 2007

Addendum, found it. Looking at the driver some more, the tuner code
for my card is 0x67, and converting their linuxy base 10 into a more
reasonable computer system of base 16, I found that 0x67 is one of the
tuners. I also found documentation here.

To verify: Can someone look at the document, page 12, and verify that
I want this value:
  {  87500, { 0x8e, 0x19 } } }
For fm_band_code (the 0x19 in particular. I know the 0x8e is good
because it matches with another tuner that worked, and the low
band/mid band codes worked, which worked on the other tuner model -
the high band failed, and they appeared to be different). I won't be
able to test this until I get home, so I was hoping someone who had a
clue could check for me, who doesn't.

the value is being in the cxm_tuners.c file of the pvrxxx port
(possibly the pvr250 port as well as several others to the new entry)

I am currently adding this to the cxm_tuners.c file, as well as the
appropriate lines to the cxm.h and cxm_eeprom.c files (will submit
diff -uNs later)
        { "Philips NTSC MK3",
*                { CXM_TUNER_TV_SYSTEM_MN, cxm_none_system_code_style },
                55250, 801250,
                { { 442000, { 0x8e, 0x04 } },
                  { 160000, { 0x8e, 0x02 } },
                  {  55250, { 0x8e, 0x01 } } },
                87500, 108000,
                  {  87500, {0x8e, 0x19 },
*                &us_cable_channels }

I'm still not sure about the first line I have asterixed, if I need to
change that (and how to figure out what to do with it), and the last
line asterixed (I think that one just sets a default mode and could
safely be either us_cable_channels or us_air_channels). Any

Thank you,

On 3/7/07, Jim Stapleton <stapleton.41 at> wrote:
> I found out this is the tuner in my new Hauppauge PVR150 card.
> Using the TCL driver available in the pvrxxx port, VHFI and VHFIII
> work, I haven't tried VHFII (radio), UHF does not work, nor does
> SVideo, I've not gotten a chance to try Composite.
> I was looking for the documentation, unfortunately the manufacturers
> web site is in chinese, and the english language site is down, and
> apparantly has been for a while. What I would like if anyone could
> help...
> Should I be able to assume that MFNM05-4 documentation is the same for
> information regarding adding the tuner to the driver? I've also seen
> references to the MFNM05-4-E. Given that the Hauppauge sticker didn't
> peel cleanly and took some of the TCL sticker, i can't be certain that
> that is not my actual model number. I could read the ripped off
> portions by shining light through the hauppauge sticker... The '5' was
> cut in half but the right half of the five was definetly discernable
> on the ripped off portion, I didn't see a 4 there, but I did see the
> E. Yes, I know, I botched that one.
> The MFNM05-4 is reported as being the same as the Philips FM1236 MK3
> in terms of interface, in several places and there is a driver here
> with similar enough format to the BSD driver that i think I can add
> the entry (once I figure out what everything means):
> So, could given that information, could anyone help me determine if
> the MFNM05-4 and my "MFNM05-E" are the same? Could anyone help me find
> the actual documentation (I can't find it on google, the english
> language portion of the TCL site is down, and apparantly has been for
> quite a while)?
> Thank you,
> -Jim Stapleton

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