Audiotrak Prodigy HD2

Konstantin Dimitrov kosio.dimitrov at
Thu Mar 1 20:37:54 UTC 2007

i'm very glad to announce that now we have support under FreeBSD for
the latest and really greatest Envy24-based card from Audiotrak -
'Audiotrak Prodigy HD2'

Spas Filipov gifted to me an 'Audiotrak Prodigy HD2' card and thus he
made that support possible, because having hardware sample of the
card, made adding support for it really easy for me. 'Audiotrak
Prodigy HD2' has complex hardware design and without having hardware
sample, it will be almost impossible to figure out how it works and
add support for that card.

a huge thanks goes to Spas Filipov for his generous gift! i also want
to thank Keiichi Iwasaki and his parents, because they helped Spas to
get the card from Japan!

the code that supports 'Audiotrak Prodigy HD2' is here:

before you can use that code you should do several things, they are
absolutely mandatory and are not required only to use the card under
FreeBSD, but are needed to use the card with the latest drivers under
Windows too, so it is something you should do no matter the OS you're

1) close jumper JP4, that can be found on the ' Prodigy HD2' board,
it's open by default, probably i will write detailed document about
hardware design of the card and what exactly JP4 do

2) update EEPROM of the card with the official update by Audiotrak, it's here: (mirror of the
file, the same file can be found on

(if you don't know how exactly to do that mail me, there are
instructions on the, but are in Korean,
maybe i should do small howto and put it on

3) build and load the driver

besides 'Prodigy HD2' support the code above has the following new
things against the version currently in the CVS:

- add 'Prodigy HD2' support
- fix bug in the init data for M-Audio Revolution 5.1, that results in
distorted sound
- fix mutex problems on -CURRENT
- fix panic on verbose boot
- fix other small problems on -CURRENT
- add vchans support
- add software volume control (now 'mixer pcm' works)
- add AK4396 support in snd_spicds

i want to ask Alexander Leidinger to commit that code to the CVS,
because i have a lot of mails about problems that are already solved
in the above version, but people prefer to get the code from the CVS,
instead from, thanks!

another notes about the current startus of the Envy24 support under FreeBSD:

soon i will move all Envy24 work to the FreeBSD perforce repository.
currently, i'm working:
- on adding support for more cards to snd_envy24 starting with Terratec EWS88 MT
- provide support for Terratec PHASE 22 to snd_envy24ht, because
current code has problem with that card
- still investigating low level output with M-Audio Revolution, but
everything till now points that it's hardware limitation

low priority task is to merge the code that supports "Onkyo SE-90PCI":
and the one that supports Chaintech AV-710:
with the main code in snd_envy24ht

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