command line only cd and dvd ISO ripping ...

Philipp Ost pj at
Thu Jun 28 22:03:21 UTC 2007

Gore Jarold wrote:
[ripping CDs...]

That part has already been answered... ;-)

> Second, I'd like to do the same thing with my DVDs -
> that is, archive them to a single ISO file that
> represents the entire DVD - without losing one single
> bit.
> The difficulty here is that, in addition to a good
> command line to produce the ISO (not sure what that
> is, yet) I also need to incorporate decss in that
> command line in order to decrypt the DVD on its way to
> the iso file.
> I see that there is a /usr/ports/multimedia/libdvdcss,
> but that is just a library - are there any command
> line utilities that incorporate libdvdcss that I can
> pipeline in a normal unix command to generate my
> desired DVD ISO ?

Take a look at sysutils/dvdbackup. It copies the entire structure of 
(Video-)DVD 1:1 to disk. You can then build an ISO with mkisofs. For 
  mkisofs -dvd-video -o $file.iso $your_ripped_stuff/



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