SB Live 5.1 Digital - sysctl ?

Rick Mullis probsd at
Thu Jun 28 17:09:08 UTC 2007

Hi Yuriy,

I have done further testing per your recommendations and this is what I

Sound is produced on analog jack in both digital & non-digital mode when

If SND_EMU10KX_MULTICHANNEL_DISABLED is not used a loud digital noise comes
from the analog jack if digital mode is on but if I switch digital mode off
there is no sound at all.

During all of the above tests I also tested through digital jack and there
was no sound with any configuration.

Just a reminder; if I use regular CVS code and change def_mode to
MODE_DIGITAL on line 2510 of emu10kx.c I will get audio through digital but
only the front 2 speakers.

I hope this has helped. If there is anything else I can test just let me

Thanks again for your help,

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