SB Live 5.1 Digital - sysctl ?

Rick probsd at
Tue Jun 26 15:52:29 UTC 2007

Hi Yuriy,

I was unable to test last night because of error I was getting in a 
different area of the source code. I recompiled with new source code and 
your patch and everything looks great, however I can't physically check the 
sound until I get home tonight. I will let you know if all worked good 

I did notice pcm1 for the rear channel, pcm0 for the front channel and the 
sysctl switch for digital. I am very excited to hear it.


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> Is there a sysctl switch to change between digital and analog
> mode on the emu10kx driver for the SB Live 5.1 Digital sound
> card yet? For now I have been manually changing line 2510 of
> emu10kx.c  from "emumix_set_mode(sc, def_mode);" to
> "emumix_set_mode(sc, MODE_DIGITAL);" every week when I csup
> the latest sources. I feel this would be a great addition.

Can you try  ?


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