Follow up: Sound in multiple Linux progs

Alexandre Vieira nullpt at
Thu Jun 14 11:53:43 UTC 2007


This is a followup of thread:

For several years i've been using freebsd to play many FPS kind of games
(RTCW, Enemy Territory, Quakes, etc..) and I always have the same problem
with Linux programs running under binary compatibility and /dev/dsp. Virtual
channels won't work, whenever a launch a linux program that uses /dev/dsp*
any other linux program won't be able to open the device for read or write.

I wonder if there is any workaround/fix on this matter. My workaround is
always to have 2 sound cards on the machine so I can use for example
TeamSpeak and Enemy Territory. Each program will use a different dsp device
and it works.

Alexandre Vieira - nullpt at

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