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On Tue, 5 Jun 2007, M. Warner Losh wrote:

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> :
> : > Is there a secret to making video clips that windows media player
> : > likes?  So far, all the ones I've done result in a fatal error at the
> : > end.  Is there a code/format I should specify to make things good?
> : >
> : > The source material is DV video that I've encoded with Kino and then
> : > split apart to get a few short (~10s) clips that are the highlights.
> :
> : what encoding? wmv?
> The clips are currently encoded for a DVD in mpeg2video format.
> Warner

If you still have the DV source, you can use mencoder to encode them into 
an AVI container. If you plan on burning them to a DVD, have a look at 
multimedia/tovid. I've only ever used it with XviD and DivX avi's, but it 
seems likely to fit the bill. It should handle anything that mencoder can 

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