pwcbsd patch for mpeg4ip does not like todays x264

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Mon Jun 4 05:16:28 UTC 2007

On Sun, 03 Jun 2007 23:02:24 -0500, Jeremy Messenger <mezz7 at> wrote:

> On Sun, 03 Jun 2007 16:03:27 -0500, Heiko Recktenwald  
> <uzs106 at> wrote:
>> Dear Jeremy, thanks!
>>> Okay, with this patch, I now can reproduce it. I have grab a fix[1]  
>>> from gentoo and it gets build further, but it fails on ffmpeg. I guess  
>>> it doesn't work with new ffmpeg either.
>>> [1]
>>>>>> mp4live compiles when I pkg_add -f some older x264 package over the  
>>>>>> latest x264.
>> It works here now, just wanted to make the problem known.
> I have committed this Gentoo's patch in our ports tree. Thanks for  
> report.
>> With the port that comes with 6.2.
>> Dont know how to update xorg and have so many other things to do in the  
>> moment (exam) that I cannot care much about updating ports in the  
>> moment.
> Whomever fix mpeg4ip+patch-mp4live with new ffmpeg, then I can commit  
> your patch-mp4live if you want me to. I have not check in mpeg4ip CVS  
> yet.

The whomever is me, I guess. ;-) I got the build fixed when I was trying  
to fix different problem from your report below of can't play file in  
gmp4player and mp4player. It was very simple. See below.

> Cheers,
> Mezz
>> Best,
>> H.
>>>>>> Has anybody experienced this as well?
>>>>> I can't reproduce it. I can compile mpeg4ip with new x264 just fine.  
>>>>> You will have to explain better in your report by such as show us  
>>>>> the errors and other more details.
>>>> Yes, the plain mpeg4ip compiled here too, but there seem to be  
>>>> changes in x264 that are not yet replected in that patch.
>>>> The patch is fine, it adds mp4live, which wants video4linux, to the  
>>>> mpeg4ip port. mp4live is something like Apples Quicktime Broadcaster,  
>>>> only better ;-)
>>>> Btw, can you display H264 video with gmp4player or mp4player? I cant.
>>> I don't have any of video file in here, but I have searched in google  
>>> and found this file.
>>> I couldn't get it runs with both gmp4player and mp4player. It works  
>>> fine with totem. Maybe I can try to check in mpeg4ip CVS to see if  
>>> there has anything fix for it. If not, then I can't help (due to lack  
>>> knowledge) so someone will have to fix it.

I have it fixed by get it links with -lavcodec instead of libavcodec.a. I  
will committing it soon with bump. Here's what I just add this under  

	@${REINPLACE_CMD} -e 's|$${enable_ffmpeg}/lib/libavcodec.a|-lavcodec|g' \

Rebuild it, then gmp4player and mp4player work perfect with It also fixed the build with your patch-mp4live at  
the same time.

% mp4player
00:08:35.784-videosync-6: Max Window resolution 1024x768
00:08:35.784-videosync-7: Setting video mode 176 144 1 1
00:08:35.979-mp4file-7: cntl tracks 0
00:08:35.982-plugin-7: Found matching audio plugin aac
00:08:35.986-mp4file-7: audio - 75665 samples
00:08:35.987-mp4file-7: MP4 audio max time is 1756937 1756.94
00:08:35.987-plugin-7: Found matching audio plugin aac

% mp4player
00:13:23.960-videosync-6: Max Window resolution 1024x768
00:13:23.960-videosync-7: Setting video mode 176 144 1 1
00:13:24.193-mp4file-7: cntl tracks 0
00:13:24.194-ffmpeg-7: codec value 0x28a0df60
00:13:24.194-plugin-7: Found matching video plugin ffmpeg
00:13:24.196-plugin-7: Found matching audio plugin aac
00:13:24.197-videosync-7: persistence is 0x80bb680
00:13:24.197-ffmpeg-7: codec value 0x28a0df60
00:13:24.197-plugin-7: Found matching video plugin ffmpeg
00:13:24.197-ffmpeg-7: userdata len 32
00:13:24.197-ffmpeg-7: open codec is 1
00:13:24.204-ffmpeg-7: pixel format is 0
00:13:24.204-mp4file-7: video - 52655 samples
00:13:24.204-mp4file-7: MP4 video max time is 1756923 1756.92
00:13:24.209-mp4file-7: audio - 75665 samples
00:13:24.214-mp4file-7: MP4 audio max time is 1756937 1756.94
00:13:24.214-plugin-7: Found matching audio plugin aac


>>> Cheers,
>>> Mezz
>>>> Best and thanks!
>>>> H.

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