audio CD's in SCSI drives -- syntax?

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Mon Jul 30 16:38:51 UTC 2007

Michael Nottebrock <lofi at> wrote:

> On Sunday, 29. July 2007, Joerg Schilling wrote:
> > > I think it might be worthwhile throwing out cdda2wav as the reference
> > > tool completely and instead rewrite the tutorial to feature cdparanoia,
> > > which is pretty much the state of the art ripping utilitiy these days
> > > (and has been even longer on Linux), works with device names rather than
> > > unit numbers for SCSI drives as well, does in fact not require the
> > > specification of any device by default as it will autoscan for devices
> > > and just use the first one it finds and finally is used as the ripping
> > > backend by nearly all modern GUI ripping utilities.
> >
> > Please try to inform yourself to avoid writing incorrect claims......
> Consider the "state of the art" bit a personal opinion and not a statement of fact. :) 

Sorry for the typo... I wanted to write:

The code that is _now_ found in libparanoia is indeed state of the art. 
In 1997, this was also true for the paranoia program. Today, it still seems 
to be widely unknown that cdda2wav is state of the art. 


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