[kde-freebsd] Sound problems with current and KDE 3.5.7

Christian Gusenbauer c47g at gmx.at
Sun Jul 29 06:54:48 UTC 2007


On Sunday, 15. July 2007, Michael Nottebrock wrote:
> Christian Gusenbauer schrieb:
> > Hi!
> >
> > I've just upgraded my box from an old current as of May 2007 to today's
> > current including all installed ports. Now, I've sound skipping problems
> > playing mp3s using juk or noatun in KDE 3.5.7. I played a bit with the
> > 'skip prevention' settings in KDE's control center but without success.
> >
> > Though playing mp3 files using (k)mplayer works flawlessly.
> >
> > So, my question is: did I miss something during the upgrade? What's wrong
> > with audio playback on my box?
> If raising the playback buffer for arts doesn't help, I suspect there might
> be an actual problem with the sound driver. Cc'ing multimedia at .

I'm still having this problem with yesterday's current.

Any clues?


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