Aureal sound driver (aureal.c and au88x0.c?)

Christopher Davis loafier at
Sat Jul 28 03:43:48 UTC 2007

On 7/26/07, Christopher Davis <loafier at> wrote:
> I've edited sys/dev/sound/pci/aureal.c to use bus_alloc_resources(),
> pci_enable_io(), etc as part of my SoC project. I changed it to
> allocate only one I/O port; it previously allocated about 3 I/O ports,
> but it seemed to only use the first one. I also added the detach
> method, which was missing, but there is likely a message to send
> to the card to shut it down properly.
> I don't have this card, so I'm not sure if things still work. It's in my
> branch if anyone's interested in testing it out:
> //depot/projects/soc2007/loafier_busalloc/src/sys/dev/sound/pci/aureal.c
> --
> Christopher Davis

I didn't notice this before, but au88x0.c seems to be a newer
driver that supports the Aureal sound cards. The aureal.c
driver probes for the Aureal Vortex 8820, and au88x0.c probes
for the 8820, 8830 and 8810 cards, according to the source
code files. au88x0.c looks like the more complete driver.

Christopher Davis

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