snd_emu10k1 mixer

Yuriy Tsibizov Yuriy.Tsibizov at
Fri Jul 27 07:09:01 UTC 2007

> > >>> I upgraded my desktop computer from 6.2-stable to 
> 7.0-currentyesterday.
> > >>> I'm experiencing a little problema with the sound 
> driver snd_emu10k1,
> > it
> > >>> loads and plays fine, but i can't control the 
> volume/pcm/line/mic
> > using
> > >>> aumix/xmixer or any other program to control the hardware mixer.
> > >>
> > >> Try emu10kx instead of emu10k1.
> > > I tried to load the snd_emu10kx but i got kernel trap 
> message when i try
> > to
> > > execute 'sysctl' and the system goes down
> >
> > Please post this panic message to multimedia at It would
> > also be good if you compile with debug options and generate a
> > backtrace (the handbook contains a chapter about kernel 
> debugging). We
> > don't need all the numbers from the backtrace, as a start 
> it would be
> > enough to just know about the function names which are printed.
> Ok, I tried to do that, i don't know if I did right, my first time :)
> I compiled the module emu10kx using "make COPTS=-g", enabled 
> dumpdev and
> dumpdir.
> When the system boots i load the module with snd_emu10kx and 
> it happens when
> i try to do a sysctl -a command,
> After reboot it saved the dump to /var/crash/vmdump.0, so i used kgdb
> kernel.debug /var/crash/vmdump.0 and the command 'backtrace' 
> on kgdb, let me
> know if i did something wrong.

0) make shure you don't have sound.ko from 6.2 loaded into 7.0 kernel.
1) make shure that you don't have emu10kx driver from ports installed,
use emu10kx from CVS
2) If you use emu10kx from CVS, do you load it from loader.conf or
kldload it later?
3) If you load it from loader.conf, try to disable it in loader.conf and
kldload it later and report any changes (crashed / not crashed)
4) save your sound.ko
5) Try to build sound.ko with applied. report any
changes (crashed / not crashed).
7) restore your sound.ko (or revert that patch and rebuild sound.ko)
7) Try to build snd_emu10kx.ko with patch7 from and report any changes (crashed /
not crashed)
8) If you stll have problems after 7) and use custom kernel
configuration file or custom /etc/make.conf or custom /etc/src.conf --
please send them to me. I'll also need small info about your card,
dmesg|grep emu10kx will be enough.
9) If you use custom kernel or make.conf, you can also try to build
GENERIC kernel with empty make.conf (make buildkernel
__MAKE_CONF=/dev/null) , and try to reproduce your problems with this


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