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On 7/26/07, Julian Elischer <julian at elischer.org> wrote:
> usleepless at gmail.com wrote:
> > Dicky,
> >
> > On 7/26/07, Arne Wörner <arne_woerner at yahoo.com> wrote:
> >> --- Dicky Illing <dicky_illing at hotmail.com> wrote:
> >> > I recently bought myself a Huappage PVR350, as I had been playing with
> >> MythTV
> >> > at work, and it was one of the ones that is supported (by report!) on
> >> > FreeBSD, ,however when I try to compile the port, it fails here. Can
> >> anyone
> >> > point me in the right direction please!I definitely have the .sys
> >> file in
> >> >
> >> Hmm...
> >>
> >> Have u patched the kernel already? make patch-iicbb or so?
> >> Maybe that causes that warning?
> >>
> >> Did u try pvrxxx already?
> >>
> >> -Arne
> >
> > Arne is correct. these errors are due to an unpatched kernel-tree.
> >
> > i am not sure if the pvr250 patch will still apply cleanly ( which
> > version of freebsd are you running? )
> >
> > if it doesn't compile/patch cleanly, please report back with the
> > compiler errors.
> >
> > regards,
> >
> > usleepless
> Is there a patch I should try get into 7.0 before it gets out?

it would be awesome if the pvr250/pvrxxx ports would not depend on
kernel-patching anymore. it is the most common compile problem for
these drivers. and people come on to the list asking the same old
question over and over again.

the problem with the iicbb-patch of pvr250 is that about a year ago,
only a part of iicbb was patched to what the iicbb-patch is about. so
when patching these kernel-trees, this particular patch is reversed
and the kernel does not compile anymore.

i have attached a patch that should work for Dicky's problems. i hope
it applies cleanly to the 7-branch as well ( i don't know ).

fetch a fresh kernel-tree, and then:

#cd /usr/ports/multimedia
#rm -rf pvrxxx
#fetch http://usleepless.110mb.com/pvrxxx_port.tgz
#tar xzf pvrxxx_port
#cd pvrxxx
#make patch-iicbb

and recompile and reinstall your kernel.

this port should patch your kernel with the aforementioned patch (with
any reverses). it doesn't need any firmware files in distfiles since
it loads the firmware from ivtvdriver.org. i should update the
pvrxxx-port with this version, i know.

Julian, if you need any help with the attached patch, or it doesn't
apply, plz contact me. thanks!


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