MythTV and amd64

Dicky Illing dicky_illing at
Wed Jul 25 09:57:49 UTC 2007

>On Mon, 23 Jul 2007 09:10:49 +0000
>Dicky Illing <dicky_illing at> wrote:
> > I have passed a couple of the stumbling blocks on the way to
> > compiling the present mythtv-20-fixes svn checkout by
>Just to be sure: you are not using the mythtv port? (I can't remember
>if it is 0.20-fixes orsomething else rught now.)

To be sure, I'm not using the port; it's marked Broken, and i386 only to 
boot! (also, when I tried making it, having cleared out the flags, the 
compile eventually failed also, giving me the sort of errors I would expect 
from the assembler being told to put together the wrong sort of code. 
("(%rdx,%eax)' is not a valid 64 bit base/index expression")

>Have a look at the myth port (/usr/ports/multimedia/mythtv) and the
>patch for httprequest.cpp (files/patch-httprequest.cpp).
>Perhaps it will help.

Looking over the port, I've grabbed a couple of the patches 
(httprequest.cpp, videoout_xv.cpp) and applied them (and the one for 
yuv2rbg.cpp that it requires from the obsd.patch I found trawling past posts 
on the list) on a fresh svn checkout, and it now compiles  (I'm very 
impressed) almost to the end of compiling mythfrontend! It's now failing at

cd mythfrontend && qmake -o Makefile
WARNING: Failure to find: version.cpp
cd mythfrontend && make -f Makefile
echo 'const char *myth_source_version =' '"'`(svnversion 
/home/builds/myth/mythtv 2>/dev/null) || echo Unknown`'";' > ; 
diff version.cpp > .vers.diff 2>&1 ; if test -s .vers.diff ; then 
mv -f version.cpp ; fi ; rm -f .vers.diff
*** Error code 2

while it's still in the mythfrontend directory. I went back into the 
directory, made clean, went back and applied the patch I found in the port's 
files directory, and went back to the make process, however this didn't get 
the process any further.

Thank you for your help so far!

Many regards


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