MythTV and amd64

Dicky Illing dicky_illing at
Mon Jul 23 09:22:54 UTC 2007

I have passed a couple of the stumbling blocks on the way to compiling the 
present mythtv-20-fixes svn checkout by

disabling dts

exporting QTDIR=/usr/local and QMAKESPEC=freebsd-g++

changed #include "malloc.h" to "stdlib.h" as suggested by the compiler

and applyling the patch pointed out previously to yuv2rgb.cpp

however presently I do not know how to surmount this compile error:

In the compilation of libmythupnp,

httprequest.cpp:24:26: sys/sendfile.h: No such file or directory
In file included from upnpdevice.h:14,
                 from upnp.h:23,
                 from httprequest.cpp:33:

at which point it dies, and looking for sendfile.h and this error message on 
google through both this list and the mythtv lists comes to nothing so far 
with plenty of looking.  I ask here first since there are reports here of 
build Myth, where as there are fewer reports of Freebsd in myth!

Many thanks in anticipation of any responses!

Dicky Illing

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