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Well, forgive me for such an informal suggestion, but just found that 
message somewhere on the harddrive and thought somebody might be interested.



Von: "Lauri Järvenpää" <lauri.jarvenpaa at gmail.com>
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Betreff: [Cecilia-users] cecilia on freebsd: quick and dirty instructions
Datum: Donnerstag, 11. August 2005 23:04

Today I wanted to do some softsynth stuff. However csynth by hand
seemed too tedious and cecilia didn't work.

But now it does. Somewhat.

What to do:
After installing, edit cecilia startup script. ('which cecilia' will
get the path for you) Add:

elif [ -x /usr/local/bin/wish8.4 ]; then

before other /usr/local/bin conditionals to get the right wish (other
versions may work too).

If you try now, it will try to start (logo flashes briefly) but
probably still won't, because some default definitions in the source
files (like keys) are wrong for un*ces. Do:

grep -R -i linux /usr/local/lib/cecilia/ | grep -v /doc/

to find out source files which have Linux definitions.
Add FreeBSD definitions just like Linux definitions (copy/paste linux
code blocks and just change linux strings to freebsd ones).

Check if Linux defaults make any sense for FreeBSD. They may not.

List of files I edited:

I got program to run and could play out synthesis examples.
However, since today is the first day I have laid my hands upon
cecilia, I don't know enough to know if it works properly.

PS. I'm not on the list, I just noticed that people had similar problems..
PS2. Somebody with enough time could maybe do a port and necessary
patches. I don't know tcl/tk nor cecilia.

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