ports/114136: audio/gstreamer-plugins-ivorbis does not compile because of missing vorbisdec.h

Jeremy Messenger mezz7 at cox.net
Thu Jul 5 20:08:52 UTC 2007

On Thu, 05 Jul 2007 12:52:09 -0500, Michael Johnson <ahze at ahze.net> wrote:

> On Jul 5, 2007, at 4:49 PM, Jeremy Messenger wrote:
>> Synopsis: audio/gstreamer-plugins-ivorbis does not compile because
>> of missing vorbisdec.h
>> State-Changed-From-To: closed->open
>> State-Changed-By: mezz
>> State-Changed-When: Thu Jul 5 16:48:34 UTC 2007
>> State-Changed-Why:
>> Okay, looks like I was wrong about fix. It doesn't fix. Hey ahze,
>> any idea why gstreamer-plugins-vorbis doesn't install vorbisdec.h?
>> Or do
>> we need a new port for gstreamer-plugins-ivorbis?
> its still broken with vorbisdec.h... its part of gstreamer-plugins-
> bad, so it might
> have other problems as well.

Umm, I have a fix and this time it has been tested on build. The runtime  
is not test.


Man... I thought that gstreamer-plugins-ivorbis depends on  
gstreamer-plugins-vorbis, but turned out that there are two same files.  
vorbisdec.h and vorbisdec.h... Wish they renamed it to ivorbisdec.h to  
avoid the confuse. Anyway, they have created a bad tarball that have two  
missing files, vorbisdec.h and vorbisenc.h. You can see here:


# ls work/gst-plugins-bad-0.10.5/ext/ivorbis/
Makefile.am   Makefile.in   vorbis.c      vorbisdec.c   vorbisfile.c

My patch above will add two files before the build and remove an incorrect  

> We might as well mark it BROKEN

Want me to commit this patch w/out mark it as BROKEN? ;-)


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