snd_emu10kx patch (WAS: RE: SB Live 5.1 Digital - sysctl ?)

Yuriy Tsibizov Yuriy.Tsibizov at
Thu Jul 5 06:35:59 UTC 2007

> Hi Yuriy,
> With digitally connected speakers (S/PDIF output to external 
> receiver / amplifier) without 
> SND_EMU10KX_MULTICHANNEL_DISABLED with analog mode I get 
> sound from analog jack only. With driver in digital mode I 
> get sound from analog jack and digital jack. However I only 
> get sound from front speakers.
Rick, I assume you use only /dev/dsp and play _single_ sound stream?
In this case this is expected behavior.

Multi-channel playbeck requires you to play different sound streams into
one or more dsp devices,
like (I use madplay from ports):
madplay -o /dev/dsp0 somemp3file ##in first window / VT
madplay -o /dev/dsp1 someothermp3file ##in second window / VT

you may need to use pulseaudio (or other channel splitter) from ports to
play real multichannel files (I didn't test it yet).

I'll try to add more info about this in man page.

> If I add 
> SND_EMU10KX_MULTICHANNEL_DISABLED to kernel, the sound state 
> is the same for the analog jack in digital or analog mode.
That's OK
> However I get no sound on digital jack in analog mode but in 
> digital mode I do get sound from front and rear speakers, no 
> center channel though.
Yes, Live! cards are supported only for 4.0 (front + rear)

> The sound volume is so low on the rear 
> channel it is hard to hear it. I can't seem to find a way to 
> increase the volume for just the rear channel.
Even if you set _both_ pcm and vol to 100%?

Do you get low volume on analog or digital speakers?

And -- did this patch solve your previous 'noise' problems?


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