Intel ICH7 High Definition Audio - supported?

Victor Loureiro Lima victorloureirolima at
Wed Jan 24 13:09:15 UTC 2007

2007/1/24, Alexander Leidinger <Alexander at>:
> Quoting Victor Loureiro Lima <victorloureirolima at> (from Tue,
> 23 Jan 2007 13:24:35 -0300):
> It is supported in FreeBSD-current, but not in FreeBSD-stable.

 Any change of it being incorporated into STABLE!?

> It's snd_hda. Feel free to pick up binary-only drivers for -stable at
> Don't forget to read the readme first.
> Bye,
> Alexander.

I got a few errors, maybe you can help me sort this out
(output generated by script(1)):

Script started on Wed Jan 24 10:57:46 2007
root at zion# pwd
root at zion# ls
README                                  soundcard.h
sndkld_releng6_amd64_lowlatency.tar.gz  typescript
root at zion# cat README
0. _Remove_ _all_ sound support in your kernel! Do this first before
   anything else!
1. Extract, dump everything into your kernel directory typically
2. kldxref /boot/kernel
3. cp soundcard.h /usr/include/sys/
4. Reload _ALL_ sound modules, or, reboot.
root at zion# cd /boot/kernel
root at zion# rm -rf snd_*.ko
root at zion# cp /root/conf/sound/sndkld_releng6_amd64_lowlatency.tar.gz
root at zion# gunzip -d sndkld_releng6_amd64_lowlatency.tar.gz
root at zion# tar -vxf sndkld_releng6_amd64_lowlatency.tar
x sound.ko
x snd_ad1816.ko
x snd_als4000.ko
x snd_atiixp.ko
x snd_cmi.ko
x snd_cs4281.ko
x snd_csa.ko
x snd_driver.ko
x snd_ds1.ko
x snd_emu10k1.ko
x snd_emu10kx.ko
x snd_envy24.ko
x snd_envy24ht.ko
x snd_es137x.ko
x snd_ess.ko
x snd_fm801.ko
x snd_hda.ko
x snd_ich.ko
x snd_maestro.ko
x snd_maestro3.ko
x snd_mss.ko
x snd_neomagic.ko
x snd_sb16.ko
x snd_sb8.ko
x snd_sbc.ko
x snd_solo.ko
x snd_spicds.ko
x snd_t4dwave.ko
x snd_uaudio.ko
x snd_via8233.ko
x snd_via82c686.ko
x snd_vibes.ko
root at zion# cd ..
root at zion# pwd
root at zion# kldxref /boot/kernel
root at zion# cp /root/conf/sound/soundcard.h /usr/include/sys/
root at zion# kldload snd_hda
kldload: can't load snd_hda: Exec format error
root at zion# kldload snd_driver
kldload: can't load snd_driver: Exec format error
root at zion# x

Script done on Wed Jan 24 10:59:07 2007

Any thoughts?!

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