kbtv and saa7134

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hi yuri,

thanks for your fast reply!

> See

> http://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-multimedia/2006-July/004462.html

> You can check sticker on the top cover of tuner (small metal housing)

> for your tuner's make, IIRC. If you indeed have MK3 tuner, you need to

> initialize TDA988x based IF demodulator.

ok, so  if  i get it  right, there is a problem with the mk3 tuner, that it looses its found frequencies after poweroff (not reboot, since the power stays on).

since the machine is dual boot (was however more that half year ago that the other side booted, by accident :) ), i rebooted in windows, scanned the frequencies, everything well.  however rebooting back into freebsd had the same result: no image

i'll check also on the hardware inside the box, since i can't reach it now.

> As quick check, try following code (yes, I know it's bad :), changing

> values for B, C and E bytes (currently they are for PAL/SECAM D/K). You

> can lookup them on page 16 of

> http://dl.ivtvdriver.org/datasheets/tuners/FM1216ME_MK3.pdf, depending

> on your TV standard.

ok found it. only needed to change the E-byte to 0x49, since i am in PAL B/H.  thecompiled and ran it, but without any success:  the tune_channels, still comes up with nothing, neither can i see anything in kbtv :(


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