snd_hda + NVidia MCP51 = reboots

Roman Bogorodskiy novel at
Tue Jan 16 09:31:17 UTC 2007


I'm running -STABLE/amd64 as of 18 Dec and

(11:18) novel at novel:~ %> cat /dev/sndstat
FreeBSD Audio Driver (newpcm: 64bit)
Installed devices:
pcm0: <NVidia MCP51 High Definition Audio Controller> at memory
0xf5000000 irq 21 kld snd_hda [20061210_0037] (1p/1r/1v channels duplex
(11:18) novel at novel:~ %>

Time to time (one in 2-3 days) it freezes, hung for 1-2 minutes and
reboots. Nothing suspect in the logs.

Is it a known problem?
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