Laptop speaker vs earphone

Ariff Abdullah ariff at
Wed Jan 10 22:34:43 PST 2007

On Thu, 11 Jan 2007 01:21:46 -0500
"Lion G." <liontanker at> wrote:
> Ariff Abdullah wrote:
> >Hmm.. weird.. I'm puzzled...
> >Send your _verbose_ dmesg :)
> Sure.  As another poster pointed out though,
> this is most likely a hardware issue, so I'm guessing
> it is not a driver issue (though I'm hoping there's
> some sort of sysctl/driver knob that would at least
> allow me to manually enable/disable the speaker
> or something...)
> There are 3 plugs on this laptop:
> First one has a earphone symbol, plus the word SPDIF.

We will go with this one. Ignore other plugs.

> Second one has a line-out symbol.
> Third one has a line-in symbol.
> I tried plugging in the earphone into each,
> but none of it stopped the speaker.
> Here is the dmesg output:
> Thank you for your time,
> and thank you for the great sound driver!
> I was audio-less for a long time
> until I found out about your snd_hda driver. :)

No no no.. I want _verbose_ dmesg, not normal dmesg. boot -v.

Ariff Abdullah

... Recording in stereo is obviously too advanced
    and confusing for us idiot ***** users :P ........
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