kern/107516: emu10k1 - skips, clicks and lag after a day of heavy usage

Ricardo Nabinger Sanchez rnsanchez at
Fri Jan 5 13:44:12 PST 2007

On Sat, 6 Jan 2007 04:17:05 +0800
Ariff Abdullah <ariff at> wrote:

> Please upload all your test samples somewhere so it can be analyzed.
> Few of these are probably due to specific driver issues (snd_emu10k1).

They are now under

case:	file:			md5 (just in case):
[2]	_roger.wav		feacf94927efb2bad299ea8e77f9571a
[psi]	chat1.wav		b4cb8aabbc0bd42e916f755bf3f37647
[5]	offset_sine.wav		427890f1fcc5d548ad5c1a489aab39e4
[1]	roger.wav		80a402916e7ef12fcb79256962fd3c8c
[4]	sine.wav		c9d047f4f18a4c4988b13661dba0054c

> How about snd_emu10kx ? There are still few pending fixes that need to
> be applied for snd_emu10kx (Yuriy Tsibizov is the current maintainer
> for this driver)

Surely I'll be able to test, but only on next boot as I can't remove the
modules (device busy, but dmesg tells that the module was loaded for the
kernel (the 'kernel' module, I believe) and can't be removed).  The next boot
will happen in one of the next mornings up to (inclusive) this monday, then I
test and post the results here.

> I'm particularly interested in [1] (need a serious double blind test
> to rule out placebo effect caused by hearing tardiness) and [4]
> (specific driver issue).

I believe the placebo effect may indeed happen with [2], but not with [1] in
this specific case, as the difference in the playback is very perceptible.

> Thanks for your effort on doing various of these tests.

I'll be very happy if these simple tests may lead to the fixup of the audio
glitches.  :)


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