Lenovo 3000 N100 sound card

ros ros at bebik.net
Thu Jan 4 14:17:21 PST 2007

This year santa claus, because I'm a good boy,
gives me a laptop. But I'm a little bit in truble with the sound card.

The laptop is a Lenovo 3000 N100 0768-BJG

According with a linux users blog
(http://www.ggolec.netcom.jaw.pl/?page_id=30 )
,the sound card is a Intel ICH7 ADI1986A, and in
FreeBSD world the correct driver should be snd_ich.
I try this one and other without any correct response
(nothing in /dev/sndstat

I try several drivers, specialy those listed in the
hardware compliancy list of the handbook, and in the
freebsd wiki, but nothing works.

I will be happy if anyone face and solve this "problem" if not,
I can try it by myself if someone can mentor me......

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