PVR-150's infrared port...

Mark A-J. Raught mraught at acm.org
Tue Jan 2 19:39:55 PST 2007

Rick C. Petty wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 02, 2007 at 04:27:41AM -0500, Paul Chvostek wrote:
>> Unless you're already partial to DeadRad, I'd recommend KnoppMyth R5E50
>> over MythDora 3.2 if you really must use Linux.  Neither of these
>> distros is perfect, but KnoppMyth is alot closer to being functional
> I wouldn't recommend either.  A recent KnoppMyth would crash very reliably
> on my amd64 box (with PCI-express card) within a few seconds of X starting.
> I was able to boot into VESA 800x600 mode (instead of the nvidia driver)
> and my pvr500 worked precisely 50% of the time, provided the system didn't
> hang (which it did regularly).  FreeBSD/i386 and multimedia/pvrxxx work
> perfectly on the same box.
> -- Rick C. Petty
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I know knoppmyth was having some AMD64 issues not too long ago. I don't 
remember the details because my knoppmyth box isn't an AMD64, but I 
think they have been resolved since. (I looked at the changelog but 
didn't find a reference to it.)


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