Cxm and dma...

usleepless at usleepless at
Wed Feb 28 22:14:09 UTC 2007

Anders, Matt,

On 2/28/07, Matt Stegmeir <steg0044 at> wrote:
> Changing the decoder used by mythTV to ffmpeg instead of whatever the
> default was helped for me.  CPU usage was still higher than expected,
> but at least things worked smoothly.
> usleep: what are reasonable values for CXM_SG_BUFFERS?

check the  cxm.h in the pvr250 port.

i would just start doubling the value until the problem disappears.

if it doesn't, there might me a concurrency/locking problem in the
driver. this could very well be ( i suspect a particular fishy part of
code ).

if this is the case, we need to investigate into that.



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