Problems with PVR 250 and MythTV

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Wed Feb 28 02:59:22 UTC 2007

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On Feb 27, 2007, at 9:09 PM, Greg 'groggy' Lehey wrote:

> * Before you can use the card, you need to tune to a signal.
>   Currently the program pvr250-setchannel does that; effectively the
>   same program exists in 7-CURRENT as setchannel, and I'll MFC it when
>   I'm happy with the rest.
>   Tune like this:
>      $ setchannel -m <channel-set> channel-no
>   If you're in the USA using terrestial TV, <channel-set> is 1.  Cable
>   is 2.  If you're using a satellite connection, you'll need some kind
>   of converter.
>   I'm not sure about the status of the man page for setchannel, but if
>   you run it without arguments you should get a help message.

Getting some TV now, and Myth is working! Yeeaaahhh!!!

I don't have a "setchannel" tool, but I have a pvr250-setchannel  
which seems identical in design.

Just FYI, all my PC is doing is receiving a signal from my satellite  
box via a connection split between my TV and PC from my satellite  
receiver - a very crude setup jerry-rigged with a little $20 splitter  
doohickey you can buy from just about anywhere. It cannot change  
channels and does not manipulate the signal at all - it is basically  
a "line in" for the raw signal sent from my satellite receiver - the  
same signal my TV receives.

I just got everything working by typing:

pvr250-setchannel -m 1 4

I was entering both the wrong channel before and using the -t flag. I  
guess it is understandable that I don't want to try to actually  
change the channel by invoking the tuner, just want to set the card  
to listen in on the right channel, or something like that.

My only remaining problem is that my remote doesn't work. Have you  
guys gotten yours to? I can't rule out it shipping DOA or with dead  
batteries though, as I'm not even getting lights on the tip of the  
remote when I press anything, like I probably should.

My next step will be to get myself an IR blaster, get a MediaMVP, and  
get the remote working. I'll probably bug the Myth list about this,  
since this seems well outside of the realm of FreeBSD =)  What a  
learning experience for me, thank you!

Thanks all for your incredible patience and awesome work. Please let  
me know how I can help with further testing and documentation!

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