brooktree 880: cx23880-19 TV chip

Danny Pansters danny at
Mon Feb 26 02:28:42 UTC 2007

On Sunday 25 February 2007 16:07, you wrote:
> > Another thing you could try is boot linux [...]
> Not to be rude, but do you make it a habit to suggest people stick hot
> pokers in their eyes? I would find that preferable to booting Linux...

Well, you want diagnostics, no? (So do I if it's about kbtv) That's one 
recommended way to get device info.

> That being said, I'll try what you suggested, thank you. Though I'm
> curious, what is XV? I'll boot my BSD box up in a moment, but right

XV= XVideo extension to Xorg drivers, means "hardware accelleration" which 
means essentially that the graphics hardware does the drawing, not the CPU.
Also known as "direct drawing", "direct X", etc

> now, I still need to get in the case and find out what is making one
> of the fans clank around (suspecting a cable from the new PSU I got
> with the tuner and memory got loose and is trying to get friendly with
> one of the fans... shouldn't be challanging to fix).

That's an excellent setup to muck around with capture cards... NOT :)
Couple of years ago I had a TV card that caught fire. No kidding. The 
motherboard still worked. Keep that box clean and cooled! :)

> Oh, and the quality of this tuner has improved since what you've seen

I've seen nothing, only you did. Neither did I change anything for this 
hardware, as, well, I don't know what hardware it is. Glad it works better 
for you though. That's still no bug report or anything so I can do nothing to 
improve it (if possible at all). That was what I was trying to say about your 
problems with kbtv with "another card". Such comments are so unspecific that 
they don't tell me anything. Or was this not about kbtv at all?

> I'm happy to say, otherwise I'd have really been unhappy. And yes, the
> chip is the capture chip, I'll write down the tuner model number
> again.



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