brooktree 880: cx23880-19 TV chip

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Sun Feb 25 14:34:57 UTC 2007

Danny, List,

On 2/25/07, Danny Pansters <danny at> wrote:
> On Sunday 25 February 2007 03:01, Jim Stapleton wrote:
> > I ready that hauppauge was the best bet for a TV Tuner that would work
> > in BSD. So I got a WinTV-Radio. Sadly you can't see the chip they use
> > in the tuner before you buy. The website showed most of the chips were
> This the capture chip. The tuner is a different thing. And both need to be
> supported. For example many Leadtek TV cards have a bt878 capture chip but
> they have an unsupported (on freeBSD) Samsung tuner.
> For bktr analog TV I'd recommend a nice little cheap Miro card, Hauppauge is
> often rather shoddy hardware IMHO (messy soldering, cards that need to be
> bend a bit to fit in the slot and PC case causing mechanical strain, those
> kind of things). At least the older WinTV cards were.
> > 848 and 878, so I figured that I would be safe, and I would take the
> > risk of getting a 881, and I've seen hints that one could get working.
> >
> > I got the 880 which isn't even listed.
> AFAIK this is another type of capture chip, it may be supported by the pvrxxx
> port that people have been discussing lately, since it's called CXabcd (CX=
> conexant the newer name for brooktree, it seems to refer to a newer line of
> capture chips). Ask usleepless. I don't have this hardware and if I
> understand correctly  it uses a binary blob which to me is a turn-off.

actually, when searching for this on google, Greg (Lehey) turns up.

he should know a thing or two about this chip.



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