brooktree 880: cx23880-19 TV chip

Jim Stapleton stapleton.41 at
Sun Feb 25 02:29:37 UTC 2007

I ready that hauppauge was the best bet for a TV Tuner that would work
in BSD. So I got a WinTV-Radio. Sadly you can't see the chip they use
in the tuner before you buy. The website showed most of the chips were
848 and 878, so I figured that I would be safe, and I would take the
risk of getting a 881, and I've seen hints that one could get working.

I got the 880 which isn't even listed.

I installed the bktrbsd and  kbtv ports for a test. KBTV gives me a
viewer init error. I have gotten this to work on another card (but
there were bugs with the output, very choppy with blocks of video that
didn't get updated).

Original setup:
sjss at elrond 20:55:09 (1) ~  > sysctl hw.bt848.card; sysctl hw.bt848.tuner;
hw.bt848.card: -1
hw.bt848.tuner: -1

I tried to fix it with:
sjss at elrond 20:57:03 (0) ~  > sudo sysctl hw.bt848.card=2; sudo sysctl
hw.bt848.card: 2 -> 2
hw.bt848.tuner: -1 -> 9

but got the same error.

I figure the tuner is probably not going to work. I was wondering if
anyone had any leads on where I might find a solution to this, either:
(A) someone got it to work already, and I just didn't know what port to instal
(B) someone got it to work already, but the task won't be as pleasant
as dealing with ports
(c) someone is fairly sure they could write the driver if someone else
donated the hardware... (Note: this would involve me buying one or two
more tuners, until I got two 881s or 880s, or an 848/878, and sending
the other individual whichever 880/881s I had spare).

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