ports/104427: ffmpeg-devel port's Makefile can corrupt makefile's

Siavosh Benabbas sbenabas at gmail.com
Sun Feb 18 17:07:21 UTC 2007

Hello All,
I filed this http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/query-pr.cgi?pr=104427 PR some
time ago but it was never fixed/closed. I don't know if this is the
right list but I will post it anyway.
Basically the ffmpeg-devel port's Makefile has a ${REINPLACE_CMD} line

                         ${REINPLACE_CMD} -E \
                         -e 's@^(CFLAGS.+)$$@\1 ${FFMPEG_CFLAGS}@' \
                         -e 's@^(FFLIBS|LDFLAGS)(.+)$$@\1\2 ${FFMPEG_LDFLAGS}@'

This would corrupt the Makefile if a CFLAGS assignment is split over
multiple lines using \ at the end of the lines. These long assignments
are present in new ffmpeg sources but the port has not been updated to
the last version of ffmpeg for a long time. I have also posted a patch
which brings all such lines to the pattern space and fixes the
problem, it is attached.

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