multimedia/kbtv question

Danny Pansters danny at
Thu Feb 15 00:49:23 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 14 February 2007 03:15, Vulpes Velox wrote:
> I came across this and noticed it supports saa7130 and saa7134 cards.
> I am a bit lost when reading though there. Any one know if the device
> interfaces are similar to the bktr one? I was just wondering if

Similar but not the same. The saa driver comes from a 3rd party. Kbtv uses the 
kernel module and its ioctl interface.

> mplayer could be used with it.

Not that I know. Perhaps with raw YUV2 input.

You also wrote:

> The saa module attracted my interesting. I was wondering if you would
> mind me beginning work to break it out seperate from the python and
> KDE stuff?

Do as you wish. It already is seperate though. You can use the saa.h and saa.c 
as a library and do the same things from a main.c as the python module does, 

The KDE stuff is only used at GUI level of course.


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