Soundsystem: testers wanted (FreeBSD-current only)

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Mon Feb 5 18:53:37 UTC 2007


at I have a patch
(sound.diff) for the soundsystem to make it a little bit more
non-i386/amd64 friendly. In /usr/src you have to run "patch -C --quiet
</path/to/sound.diff" and if no error shows up the same again without
the "-C". Then you have to rebuild your kernel/modules (depending on
how you use the soundsystem).

What I need are reports for a lot of _different_ drivers (in case you
don't know which driver is used: if you load it as a module the driver
name is behind the string "kld" in /dev/sndstat) on i386 or amd64
hardware if it still works or not. So if you see a report for the
driver you are using here, you don't need to test it too.


   This is so cool I've to go to the bathroom.
			  -- Calvin  Alexander @ PGP ID = B0063FE7     netchild @  : PGP ID = 72077137

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