FreeBSD Port: devel/liboil there is no liboil-0.3.10.tar.gz on any mirror

Scot Hetzel swhetzel at
Fri Feb 2 16:22:46 UTC 2007

On 2/2/07, Abdullah Ibn Hamad Al-Marri <almarrie at> wrote:
> Hello,
> ===>   Returning to build of gstreamer-plugins-0.10.11,2
> ===>   gstreamer-plugins-0.10.11,2 depends on shared library: popt.0 - found
> ===>   gstreamer-plugins-0.10.11,2 depends on shared library:
> oil-0.3.1 - not found
> ===>    Verifying install for oil-0.3.1 in /usr/ports/devel/liboil
> You can enable 3dnow extensions by defining
> WITH_3DNOW_GCC40=yes
> Note: liboil will depend on gcc4.0+ with WITH_3DNOW_GCC40
> defined.
> => liboil-0.3.10.tar.gz doesn't seem to exist in /usr/ports/distfiles/.
> => Attempting to fetch from
> fetch: No
> address record

I had a look on the web site (
and the file does exist on that server.  Either try fetching the file
again or manually download the file.

No electrons were mamed while sending this message. Only slightly bruised.

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