Intel ICH7 High Definition Audio - supported?

Victor Loureiro Lima victorloureirolima at
Fri Feb 2 00:39:16 UTC 2007

Hello multimedia@,

 Great, I got my ICH High Definition Audio working, but I got a couple
of questions:
   - The module that properlly makes my sound-card work is sound.ko +
     its okay for me to delete all other snd_*.ko modules? If so, I
should kldxref the /boot/kernel
     afterwards, right?
   - I tried to put the following lines in the /boot/loader.conf in
order to make the loading of
     those two modules be automatic:
    However it generated a kernel panic. Unloading all modules at boot
loader prompt and
    booting the same kernel doesnt cause the kernel panic, meaning
that the problem is either
    with the module or with the way I am loading things, any suggestions!?

 thanks in advance,
victor loureiro lima

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