New USB MIDI driver for FreeBSD

Rasmus Kaj kaj at
Tue Apr 24 20:41:00 UTC 2007

>>>>> "HPS" == Hans Petter Selasky <hselasky at> wrote on 2006-08-27:

 HPS> During the past week I have been working on USB MIDI support for
 HPS> FreeBSD. I choose the simplest approach, and that was to create
 HPS> a raw/direct MIDI device.

Hi!  Thanks for giving me some hope regarding MIDI on FreeBSD again!

 HPS> svn --username anonsvn --password anonsvn \
 HPS>       checkout svn://

What version of FreeBSD was this supposed to work with?  I was able to
run it with releng_6 as of about a week ago, but not talk to my midi
device [1], so I thought I'd try it with current.  Unfortunatley,
there seems to have been some changes (in bus_setup_intr and
cam_sim_alloc, possibly more) in current that this code does not

Is there a more up-to-date version somewhere else?  Should I go back
to releng_6 and try to insert some "magic numbers" (device id) for my
device?  Or is (relevant parts of) this included in current by now?
Maybe current just needs some device ids?

By the way, what does the MIDI support have in common with the ISDN

[1] I've got a "MIDI Mate", it is a simple gateway between a USB
connector in one end an a single pair (in / out) of midi connectors in
the other, that identifies as follows on FreeBSD current:

ugen0: <Ego Systems Inc XP MIDI mate, class 0/0, rev 1.10/1.01, addr
2> on uhub1
Unknown USB device: vendor 0x0a92 product 0x1000 bus uhub1

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