pvrxxx, linux code and modules

Jim Stapleton stapleton.41 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 17:29:06 UTC 2007

I have a question regarding the tuner identification process...

Namely, what are the pieces pieces of identification are needed to
identify the tuner, and how uniform are they between card make/models?

In the driver I see a 1 byte eeprom code (Eh), and a 1 byte tuner code (Th).

Is it safe to assume that with these two codes, the tuner will always
be identifiable? (i.e. lets say a Leadtek card uses the same tuner,
will I be able to take one byte from the Leadtek eeprom for it's
eeprom code (El), and one byte for it's tuner code (Tl), and be able
to determine the tuner, or might I need multiple bytes for El and/or
Tl? Will they always be integers? Could strings be expected?

I'm just curious how much more data will need to be packed into the
text entries on the files... And how much can be put there to make the
tuner drivers as generic as possible (theoritically, it'd be nice to
have one tuner driver that would work with any television/radio card,
which would be able to determine the tuner, without the other drivers
having to do calculations on the eeprop/card data).

-Jim Stapleton

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