snd_hda + NVidia MCP51 hangs

Ariff Abdullah ariff at
Thu Apr 19 03:58:21 UTC 2007

On Thu, 19 Apr 2007 10:48:31 +0900
Tsurutani Naoki <turutani at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a trouble with snd_hda.
> With kernel and module built after patch applied, my FreeBSD/i386
> 6-STABLE is hung-up. I am not logged in when the host hung, nor
> using any programs concerning sound. I tried to dump kernel, but
> failed; for this is not a kernel panic, i guess. This happens about
> a few weeks after booting the system, and no trouble happens when
> snd_hda module is not loaded.
> % dmesg | grep pcm0
> pcm0: <NVidia MCP51 High Definition Audio Controller> mem
> 0xf7000000-0xf7003fff irq 21 at  device 16.1 on pci0
> pcm0: <HDA Codec: Realtek ALC883>
> pcm0: <HDA Driver Revision: 20070105_0038>

Too old. Please use latest version.

Ariff Abdullah

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    and confusing for us idiot ***** users :P ........
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