snd_atiixp on MSI S270, speakers disabled

Christian Mueller raptor-freebsd-multimedia at
Wed Apr 18 20:10:57 UTC 2007


running FreeBSD 6.2-p3 with a generic kernel and snd_atiixp gives me no sound 
on the notebook speakers. With headphones it is barely noticeable. I've tried 
setting all mixer variable to 100 with no avail.

raptor at hexe:~> pciconf -l | grep pcm
pcm0 at pci0:20:5: class=0x040100 card=0x01311462 chip=0x43701002 rev=0x01 

raptor at hexe:~> dmesg | grep pcm
pcm0: <ATI IXP 400> mem 0xfbdfc800-0xfbdfc8ff irq 17 at device 20.5 on pci0
pcm0: <Avance Logic ALC655 AC97 Codec>

There is an ALSA patch which fixes some EAPD for the S270 by flipping bit 0 
(?) in register 0x7a of the AC97 codec... whatever that means. 

I've tried fiddling around in ac97.c and snd_atiixp.c, but since I don't know 
what I'm exactly doing, I wasn't successful so far :)

Would anyone be so kind in helping me with this?

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