pvrxxx, linux code and modules

Jim Stapleton stapleton.41 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 17 12:47:29 UTC 2007

> > Ahh, does it have the code I shipped you to fix tuner code 103 (0x67)?
> > (I can check when I get home, but I'm just curious now)
> me is curious too, because i imported the tuner module from ivtv.  let
> me know what happens.

Yes it does, but it also has 0x39 in there, which I did not insert. I
sent it bot to you and the individual in the pkg-descr. I wonder if it
was after I sent the patch idea? I know it wasn't in the ports tree
variant, but I don't know how old that is.

> > hmm, when I dmesg'ed to get my tuner code, I got this also (repeated a lot):
> > cxm0: encoder dma not already in progress
> > cxm0: encoder dma not enough buffer space free
> >
> > I take it this is due to the method I watch the tuner, and not serious?
> i dunno. if you are cat'ing to a file, it shouldn't happen. if you are
> piping it into mplayer and mplayer is trying to sync a/v, this could
> still happen.
> it this the latest version you are talking about? can you post the
> relevant part of your dmesg? ( tuner startup ? )

No, version from ports, I'll try the latest version at some point this week.

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