pvrxxx, linux code and modules

usleepless at gmail.com usleepless at gmail.com
Sun Apr 15 22:08:16 UTC 2007


i am writing you because i know you are an experienced freebsd
developer and you are the maintainer of the mythtv port.

i am trying to get the pvrxxx port to support as many cards as possible.

in the process, i have been using linux source code to get the job
done. i have defined a .h file full of defines and redefines so i can
include linux-source with as little altertation as possible:
 - include fbsd-compat.h file
 - run sed over the source-file to replace "struct i2c_client" by "device_t"
 - uncomment some stuff i can't solve with the fbsd-compat.h file (
the linux attach routines )
 - add some stuff ( couple of lines ) to support fbsd-compat.h
 - create an entry point to call the main function of the linux-module
 - link it in

however, i feel that it should be possible to create separate
kernel-modules of these linux-modules: tuner.ko, tveeprom.ko,
cx25840.ko etc....

but i don't have the knowledge to make this happen:
 - how do i create an entry point into the module ( which i can call
to get work done? )

i would appreciate if you would take a look at what i have done with
tuner.c, tveeprom.c, tda9887.c, cx25840-core.c etc in the pvrxxx port.

would it be possible to create an automated procedure to transform
these linux-modules to freebsd-modules at the source level?

for example: the bktr driver would be able to use the same tuner.ko as
the pvrxxx driver does ( a module based on the linux source ).

this way, we could construct a port which compiles as much as possible
linux-modules to freebsd-kld-modules, which we could use!



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