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On Sun, 15 Apr 2007 08:09:32 -0500, Godwin Stewart  
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> Hi there,
> Is there any chance of the ffmpeg port receiving an upgrade?

We have ffmpeg-devel. We are planning to merge ffmpeg-devel into ffmpeg,  
but we have to do the steps first before we can do it.

1) Clean up more and fix ffmpeg-devel.
2) Get all ports work with ffmpeg-devel.
3) Merge ffmpeg-devel into ffmpeg then have all ports to change  
ffmpeg-devel -> ffmpeg dependency.


> The version currently built, -0.4.9-pre1, is about 3 years old and many
> improvements have been made since then. Furthermore, the ffmpeg-user
> mailing list only offers support for recent versions and refers support
> questions of versions other than the current SVN release to the
> maintainers of the package - in this case, that's you.
> I can supply you with a recent source tarball or, alternatively, if you
> have a working copy of the subversion client, you can grab it from
> Thanks in advance,

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