pvr-350 not working - how to debug?

Rick Nekus solarux at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 11 23:51:29 UTC 2007

   Sure thanks, I will try it again, -just to be sure but actually I
   included both /var/log/messages in my previous reply on the list of
   both the outputs after compiling the pvrxxx-20070904, and the
   pvrxxx-20071004 <- (is this not the same as the
   [1]http://usleepless.110mb.com/pvrxxx_port-10042007.tgz) ?


     From:  usleepless at gmail.com
     To:  "Rick Nekus" <solarux at hotmail.com>
     CC:  freebsd-multimedia at freebsd.org
     Subject:  Re: pvr-350 not working - how to debug?
     Date:  Wed, 11 Apr 2007 20:16:45 +0200
     >On 4/11/07, Rick Nekus <solarux at hotmail.com> wrote:
     >>Hi, I got some success for my pvr-350
     >>-on FreeBSD 6.2-STABLE-200703:
     >i read you downloaded iso's. you might want to learn to get the
     >sources with CVS. it is imho easier.
     >>I was able to compile both of the below ports successfully,
     >>kernel/loaded cxm drivers,...) using;
     >>pvrxxx-20070904, and then the
     >>pvrxxx-20071004  port.
     >the 0904 port still contained a bug which prevents NTSC cards from
     >working. if you have time, could you please test:
     >  http://usleepless.110mb.com/pvrxxx_port-10042007.tgz
     >thank for testing ( and we'll sort it out ),

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   1. http://usleepless.110mb.com/pvrxxx_port-10042007.tgz
   2. http://g.msn.com/8HMBENCA/2740??PS=47575

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