pvrxxx 0x75

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Thu Apr 5 19:53:14 UTC 2007

Anders, Jim, List,

On 4/5/07, Jim Stapleton <stapleton.41 at gmail.com> wrote:
> First, the 350 actually uses the pvr250, not the pvrxxx port.
> Next, if that doesn't work, you need to find which tuner that
> represents. You can either google and find the Linux driver (the site
> I found it on also had a lot of tuner documentation, to help me get my
> tuner up, you can check the archives, I think I posted a link to the
> site).
> Once that is done, you need to update three files in the source of the
> port. If you find the do document, drop a mail back here on the list,
> and someone can probably help you out.

Anders, i have tried to support your tuner 0x75 in the latest driver:

let us know.



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