FW: Re: [dvd::rip] dvd::rip + FreeBSD = enjoyable Usefulness

Rick Nekus solarux at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 4 13:38:08 UTC 2007

Hey all,

no this ain't your usual bug complaints, its just a compliment to the 
support people at freebsd and a special thanks to the port maintainers of 
dvdrip, transcode,
Keep up the good work.

solarux at hotmail.com

>From: Jörn Reder <joern at zyn.de>
>To: dvdrip-users at exit1.org
>Subject: Re: [dvd::rip] dvd::rip + FreeBSD = enjoyable Usefulness
>Date: Wed,  4 Apr 2007 11:07:14 +0200

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"Rick Nekus" wrote:

>I use FreeBSD 6.2 (for i386/AMD64) with KDE-desktop,...at present, and I'm 
>happy with it and applicatoins like dvd::rip simply because they work. 
>dvd:rip has many features I haven't even explored yet. It "rivals" the best 
>of those other proprietary/commercial apps that "Big Green Machine", (you 
>know who) ,  can throw at us. Even "K3b" isn't what I expected -compared to 
>-> dvd::rip is a good UNIX app, and I'm very happy with it.
>keep up the good work guys/gals.

Thanks a lot for this compliments - feels good to get positive feedback
besides all those bug reports and stuff :) (which I appreciate
nevertheless of course ;)

>And, don't ever forget us FreeBSD users out there !

Since I don't have any FreeBSD box around to test dvd::rip I'm really
happy that it seems to work quite well nevertheless. Although I don't
know how much headache dvd::rip gives the maintainer of this port... ;)



Joern Reder
supporting:   http://www.zyn.de/
unbelievable: http://www.exit1.org/
CPAN:         http://www.perl.com/CPAN/modules/by-authors/id/J/JR/JRED

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