FreeBSD-6.2 ; Hauppage PVR-350 ; "pvrxxx" port - not working.

Carmen Chase s_c_chase at
Mon Apr 2 12:38:17 UTC 2007

Thanx Torfinn for the good details.

There is a separate PVR-350 model for US NTSC market.
We purchased the US version of WinTV PVR350 which is
compatible with our local PAL-N television standard!

After several hours of research and experimentation,
succeeded in receiving and capturing a coulpe of
channels in F-BSD 6.2. Needless to say, works great in

LOOKING FORWARD to an updated PVR-XXX port! Let us
know if we can help!!!

Untill then, we have a dual OS on this box: WIN XP
JUST FOR WinTV PVR350; everthing else in F-BSD 6.2,


Carmen Chase
Buenos Aires, Argentina


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