RFC: snd_hda(4) -- Intel High Definition Audio driver

Hans Nieser h.nieser at xs4all.nl
Tue Sep 5 02:04:54 UTC 2006

Joel Dahl wrote:
> Hi all,
> Ariff Abdullah (ariff@) has been working on snd_hda(4) for a while now,
> which is a High Definition Audio driver and should enable basic audio
> capabilities on a lot of new machines on the market.  He's been busy
> with improving the driver lately, so he asked me to send out an
> announcement and a call for testers -- yes, the driver is ready for a
> wider audience now.  :-)
> This driver is based on Stephane E. Potvin's HDA driver, although big
> parts have been rewritten since then.  The driver is still in an early
> form and many parts needs refinements, but basic audio capabilities such
> as playback/recording should work and we would like to get this into
> CURRENT soon, if everything goes according to the plan.

Thanks for the work on this! Do I need to run -STABLE or -CURRENT to use
this driver or can I use it with RELENG_6_1?

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